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    It’s 900 years since King Henry I founded the Augustinian Abbey of St Mary in Cirencester. It replaced a pre conquest/Saxon church that also continued in use until the new Abbey was dedicated in 1176. During 2017 look out for Abbey 900 events that are to be staged in Cirencester. I have painted this picture to commemorate the issuing of orders by Henry I to begin the building work. I am hoping to follow it up with a MERRY ILLUMINATIONS image of the Dedication service. If time allows!! This image could be produced as a giclee print for dedicated followers of Abbey 900 Cirencester. Contact me for details if interested.

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    Mabel – Stroud’s Town Cat. Mabel sits enthroned beneath Stroud Scarlet drapes and a Farmers’ market awning. The Gloucestershire Coat of Arms rise up above her but with the heraldic knight’s helm substituted with the Fool’s hat of the Gloucestershire Morris Men. Surrounding the portrait are symbols of Stroud’s industrial heritage including bobbins, shuttles, teasel heads, beetles and flower heads all used in the cloth dyeing process.

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    Pack of 10 Christmas cards.

    Hereford Cathedral, St Thomas Cantilupe enters the Cathedral Christmas day 1276.