Oranges and Lemons

Oranges and Lemons


Oranges and Lemons. Pack of 6 greetings cards.


Oranges and Lemons. Pack of 6 greetings cards. The exact date and origin of this popular children’s rhyme and singing game is unknown but there was a square dance popular in the late seventeenth century called ‘Oranges and Lemons’ (published 1665 in Playford’s Dancing Master). The earliest printed version of the rhyme, as we would recognise it today, appears in the 1744 Tommy Thumb’s Pretty Song Book (the oldest printed collection of English language nursery rhymes): Two Sticks and Apple, Ring ye Bells at Whitechapple, Old Father Bald Pate, Ring ye Bells at Aldgate, Maids in White Aprons, Ring ye Bells at St. Catherines, Oranges and Lemmons, Ring ye Bells at St. Clemens, When will you pay me, Ring ye Bells at ye Old Bailey, When I am Rich, Ring ye Bells at Fleetditch, When will that be, Ring ye Bells at Stepney, When I am Old, Ring ye Bells at Pauls. The tune Oranges and Lemons is thought to mimic the sound of the change ringing of church bells. Each pack contains 6 blank cards (105mm x 150mm) and envelopes.


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